In Picking a President Paradigms take Precedence

In our country of melting pots, we all speak a different English.  Some call it Mars and Venus. Others call it Ebonics and Cracker.  You may even call it Bling and Ghetto. Whatever the differences you should be aware that your personal circumstances, experiences and biases determine your interpretation of the things you hear, see and do.

It is in the way you see the world, your personal or group paradigm that determines how you and others interpret the data that makes you feel safe or scared in all circumstances.  It is in the translation of that data that gives us our common sense or gut feeling even if we don’t even speak the language.

It is the interpretation of that combination of body language and verbal comments that have led me to want to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.  Here is why:

I see an influx of many who are different who come to this country.  While I believe in diversity and also helping welcome newbies, I do not believe in anything that I feel would jeopardize our national security.  Unfortunately, there are many who have entered the USA illegally or without having been properly vetted.  You wouldn’t let a stranger live in your home and risk your children’s lives so why would you be okay with those same strangers bypassing our military and police system of safety?  They may live in your neighborhood, shop at your store or be in your child’s school.  is it that far fetched to imagine a parent being a suicide bomber? Think about it.  We are only as safe as the protections of safety that are infrastructured around us.  Sure we are not A PERFECT SYSTEM.   However, if we don’t put safety first it is the most vulnerable of our society who will be the easiest victims.

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