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Put on Your Bullet Proof Vest First Before Saving Anyone


In September  of 2001, I grieved with the world over the loss of our people, especially our first responders in the form of firefighters and police officers  in the muslim terrorist attacks. In December of 2014,  I joined with other law enforcement supporters to stand with police families after the shooting of a black teen in a park who had been brandishing a modified toy gun in Cleveland.  Today I stand with law enforcement officers around the country after more shootings of black men by police and the retaliatory killing of the Dallas 5 police officers and more.   As law enforcement officers again come under fire, this time it is from a home-grown black terrorist organization.   I will not stand silent.

There is a war going on inside our country.  A cauldron of hate.  It festers in the embers until something bad happens. Then it rages.  The thin blue line gets asked to again suffer.  As suffering occurs in all communities, it rains on the black inner-city communities.  Pick your poison.  Evil lurks.  It always will.  And when the thin blue line grows weary, who will protect us all?

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