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My House is Blue

I have spent some quiet time thinking lately about what has been happening to the Red, White and Blue that is the fabric of America.  Our country is a unique beacon in the world with rich resources that are as appealing today as they were to Chris Columbus the visitor who some give credit to discovering America.  The country where the infiltrators wiped out the native people of an entire continent.

We are the current caretakers.  We must not be naive and think that our beautiful country belongs to us without our soldiers guarding our outside borders and our police guarding the interior.   Every breath we take on this continent cost someone else their live.  The elusive thing we call Freedom could be taken from us if we let our guard down.  If we allow outsiders with their Trojan Horse agenda to seep and creep into the fabric of our society.  Lets protect our house first.  Our Family of all colors and races and the Blue and Green that protect all of them.   If visitors disrespect what we stand for, if they choose to threaten what we live for or  if they build a network of enemies within our own borders who want to kill us then they must leave.  Like a guest who has stayed too long and disrespected us.  They must leave.

We must stand our ground on this:  We welcome you if you are safe but if you have come here illegally or with death intentions, well, as Lebron would say….NOT IN MY HOUSE.  My house is Blue.

A Fleeting Moment in Time that was Good


When LeBron James and Kyrie Irving led the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory it was surreal.  it was A Dream Come True.   But now we are back to reality where police and black people dying headlines the news.  A war inside our country.  A place of historic darkness has settled in again.  A place of sadness where we will have to find light and love for one another once again.



Put on Your Bullet Proof Vest First Before Saving Anyone


In September  of 2001, I grieved with the world over the loss of our people, especially our first responders in the form of firefighters and police officers  in the muslim terrorist attacks. In December of 2014,  I joined with other law enforcement supporters to stand with police families after the shooting of a black teen in a park who had been brandishing a modified toy gun in Cleveland.  Today I stand with law enforcement officers around the country after more shootings of black men by police and the retaliatory killing of the Dallas 5 police officers and more.   As law enforcement officers again come under fire, this time it is from a home-grown black terrorist organization.   I will not stand silent.

There is a war going on inside our country.  A cauldron of hate.  It festers in the embers until something bad happens. Then it rages.  The thin blue line gets asked to again suffer.  As suffering occurs in all communities, it rains on the black inner-city communities.  Pick your poison.  Evil lurks.  It always will.  And when the thin blue line grows weary, who will protect us all?

In Picking a President Paradigms take Precedence

In our country of melting pots, we all speak a different English.  Some call it Mars and Venus. Others call it Ebonics and Cracker.  You may even call it Bling and Ghetto. Whatever the differences you should be aware that your personal circumstances, experiences and biases determine your interpretation of the things you hear, see and do.

It is in the way you see the world, your personal or group paradigm that determines how you and others interpret the data that makes you feel safe or scared in all circumstances.  It is in the translation of that data that gives us our common sense or gut feeling even if we don’t even speak the language.

It is the interpretation of that combination of body language and verbal comments that have led me to want to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.  Here is why:

I see an influx of many who are different who come to this country.  While I believe in diversity and also helping welcome newbies, I do not believe in anything that I feel would jeopardize our national security.  Unfortunately, there are many who have entered the USA illegally or without having been properly vetted.  You wouldn’t let a stranger live in your home and risk your children’s lives so why would you be okay with those same strangers bypassing our military and police system of safety?  They may live in your neighborhood, shop at your store or be in your child’s school.  is it that far fetched to imagine a parent being a suicide bomber? Think about it.  We are only as safe as the protections of safety that are infrastructured around us.  Sure we are not A PERFECT SYSTEM.   However, if we don’t put safety first it is the most vulnerable of our society who will be the easiest victims.

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