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Our National Defense May Begin With You and When You Least Expect It

It’s Happening.  Small pockets of native and imported (possibly indoctrinated) killers creating random pockets of violence and death in cities in America. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out.  Right now the names of the people usually do it for us.  I’m not even going to mention them.  We just know.   When you look at their names no one has to Scrabble it out for us.  We are under attack.  Time for the Triple A:  Be Alert, Be Armed and Be American.  We will fight for our country from all those Foreign and Domestic Terrorists who wish to harm us and the fabric of America.  We the People. For the People.  By the People.

Anytime, Anywhere, and  with any weapon available.  We’re not racist. we’re not Islamophobic.  We are America Strong.  and We Will Do Whatever is Necessary To Protect America from All Would Be Civilian and Suicide Assassins.

Gun Control?  Pahleez! How about legal gun usage from the Good Guys on the Bad Guys (or Girls). Bang.  Bang.  Maybe next time you’re dead before you can kill us.

Even Darth Vader is Recycled

While the world powers gather in Paris to discuss solutions to Global Warming we can do our part  to save our planet one decision at a time.   Choose to re-use, recycle and re-think how you buy new purchases.  We rush out to buy new items with all the waste of packaging when our country is choking in items that we already made, purchased and discarded.   So much so that the clothing that does not sell at thrift stores is routinely bundled and pushed on other countries sometimes creating a negative cost to their own locally produced clothing industries.  Not only is this not good for those countries or the planet but it is not good for our pocketbooks.  Often it is a complete waste of money and resources.  Next time you consider a new purchase online or in a brick and mortar think first:  Is there some way I can get this item from someone else who already purchased it and doesn’t need it anymore or can I go to one of the hundreds of thousands of thrift and consignment stores and buy it?

Outside of plastic bags and diapers and water bottles (which some people are already coming up with creative solutions for) we don’t always think about our role in recycling.  When we put items in the trash like furniture or toys that could be donated or sold we are wasting our resources. When we snub our noses at thrift store clothing or toys we are wasting our resources and contributing to part of the problem.  Why buy something new when almost everything you are looking to buy new someone else has already thrown in the garbage or donated?  Toys get dumped off and devalued by donation centers that are swamped with them.  I have personally seen items get donated only to have those same people then buy the exact same items to replace them when they could have just worn the sweater longer or cleaned up Barbie for another year of use.  Just because its Christmas doesn’t mean everything should have to come in a new package.

Vintage toys are making a comeback and sometimes are worth more than the new versions of the same item.  Clothing that someone else had first can sometimes bring new life to your collection.   Sometimes people dump brand new items in brand new packaging that they just don’t like anymore.  I can tell you that people are buying these new items and letting you re-buy them on Ebay, Amazon and other sites.  You may think they’re new from the store but they may have come by way of a thrift store after someone else got rid of it.  So do your own research, think before you discard and make your little decisions be a positive part of a global reawakening to the many resources we are so fortunate to have an abundance of.


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