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Lessons Learned from the Trojan Horse

When flight attendants are going through the safety instructions every time you fly on an airplane, they always say put your oxygen mask on first before you help children or other passengers. Your safety first. Why? Because if you aren’t safe how can you help others be safe?  This is the same principle facing our country in regard to Syrian refugees.  We see Paris. We see Switzerland. We see what is happening in Turkey, Indonesia and all over Europe as those countries who tried to help refugees are now being victimized by some of those very people.  Not all those helped are grateful.  Some want to kill us.

We need to keep all American families (including those peaceful and legally immigrated Muslim Americans) safe. We need to protect our way of life too.  We fought for women’s rights.  We fought for gay rights.  Workplace rights. Human rights.  We are a country of people who want a certain standard QUALITY OF LIFE and we have fought battles around the world to maintain that.  It is called Freedom.  And it is unique in the world.  And every day it is in jeopardy if we don’t continue to fight for it and protect it. Although we want to be a compassionate country-give me your tired, your poor….- we also realize that it takes a strong military and law enforcement circle perimeter around us to keep it that way.  And good decisions by our elected leaders to protect our freedom through abiding by our constitution.

We are in a unique time where many are in conflict of what is the right thing to do about the Syrian refugees.  Many looking to enter who appear to be disproportionately adult males may not have our best intentions at heart. Solutions are needed for the suffering.  And much thought should be put into finding the right ones. However, before we open the door and welcome people to share our great resources,  lets make sure they are not the wolf in disguise coming to kill us or impose sharia law on us.


A New 1933-The Battle for World Domination has a new Face and it’s name is Paris

In the Summer of 1997 I spent a month traveling in several countries in Europe. Paris was my favorite city. The beauty of it’s iconic landscape paled only in comparison to the warmth I found in it’s people.  English was the primary language of many I spoke to as I walked along stopping at every place I wanted to see.  I spent hours chatting with the artists who drew caricatures of tourists near Notre Dame Cathedral. I rolled my eyes at the public toilets where you had to put a quarter in the slot to use them and if time ran out well you sat in there in the dark.   The artists taught me a game they played to pass the time and also showed me where the locals eat.  The game was guess the country where  the  people walking by were from.  At first I thought it would be difficult but the clothing, mannerisms and hairstyles I observed soon helped me become quite good at this game.  An American couple were startled when I asked them in English which state they lived in.

But the things I noticed the most were the armed men with large weapons in various areas patrolling the streets and the lack of trash cans anywhere in the city.  I had to police my own trash squirreled away in my backpack and wait til  I stopped inside a restaurant to throw it away.  I knew why then and I see why today on the national news.  There are people out there who want to place bombs and blow people up and they find trash cans useful because any backpacks left on the sidewalk anywhere alone were seen as a threat that caused an immediate reaction by these French armed street security to suspect a bomb. But today we are in a new kind of war. One where any sociopathic Islamic radical idealist  stays with the backpack and blows themselves up with it.  Along with hundreds of other people.  And risk factors among those pouring through our US borders illegally have drastically multiplied.

Initially I was skeptical of the crass and outspoken and not very PC presidential candidate Donald Trump. But his words are ringing true.  And he is the only one with the guts to speak them.  And its flipping out the real powers who actually run our country behind the scenes. The ones who like to control Washington and the president.  The ones who we never elect but always win.  The ones who hold the purse strings of We the People, By the People, For the People.   And they know if Donald Trump wins they may well lose for the first time in history.  And that has gotten them more scared than any radical Islamistic terrorist willing to blow us up and takeover our country. From the inside out.

By the way while I was in Paris I developed a terrible upper respiratory infection which left me with no voice trying to get across the country and get back to America.  The kind people of France protected me with civilian escorts who passed me along to another protector and helped me get medicine too and on the right trains back to the airport so I could leave the country safely.  You never realize how vulnerable you are until you are deathly sick in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.  We owe it those good people of France to again stand with them a United Thin Blue Line of Law Enforcement. Vive La France.  And God Bless America. If we don’t fight now for our country through our vote we just may not have a country or a way of life left to fight for.

Will America become Gotham?

Every day in America one police officer dies in the line of duty or to suicide according to numerical statistics.  One member of a thin blue line lost that seems initially like all the rest.  it’s easy to dismiss as ordinary because it happens every day. The news media is used to telling the story.  To them it seems like a rerun.   But upon looking deeper some of the media find that unique story of one that day.   Others look for the easy way out. Get your ratings by news of the weird.

So many heroes are dying daily in America. Military soldiers come back from war and commit suicide.  Teachers get arrested for something juicy.  The media gets bored with the ordinary stories.  After all deaths of heroes is not an unusual item any more.  No it is much more glamorous to cover the one incident out of a million decisions made daily by  our protectors that may appear to show them in a wrongdoing.  It’s exciting to them.  So instead of honoring our real heroes they spend most of their air time traipsing around like idiots chasing down the boy who brought a bomb-like device to school or the girl who disrupted the entire class so badly that a police officer had to respond. (Perhaps if the entire class had just left the room and the disobedient child had been left behind alone with a moderator that story might have ended differently).

But here is my point. Whether it is the illegal immigrants or the legal children growing up with no respect or appreciation for anyone the entitlement generation and criminals seem to be taking over.  So in the long run who will end up paying for everything when there is no one left who wants to be the contributor to a prosperous society?

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