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United in Blue We Stand

The other day I was asked by a teacher friend of mine to volunteer for Challenge Day at a local middle school.  Since I had taught for almost six years in the preschool and VPK level and have had very diverse life experiences she thought I would relate well to the kids.  It turned out that we all connected and the event was very special to me.  However, in a largely black inner city school type setting,  with a program run by African Americans,  I noticed one very important element was left out of the program.  No one mentioned acknowledgement and respect for those who are in any way involved or affected by people within the area of national security,  military, firefighting and/or our law enforcement.  This really bothers me since comments were made there that were negative about law enforcement and I didn’t really have the opportunity to defend my family.

Throughout my life the people who keep us all safe have been personal to me. They are among my closest lifelong friends.  I see the toll on their families because they are a structural part of mine.  Not only in the ones I include in my family but also in my lifelong extended family.  A large family which now includes a continuously growing number of the surviving families and friends of law enforcement tragedies.  These are my people and when you attack one by saying you hate the police or any of the many negative things I hear on a daily basis it is personal. You are attacking my family and I will defend them.   As they die daily defending us.

A few days ago another one of my heroes died here in Florida.  I didn’t know him but he was family.  His name was Okaloosa County Deputy Sheriff Bill Myers. He had recently retired only to return to working part-time in part I was told to earn extra money to take his granddaughter to Disney World.  He was shot after serving civil papers to a man who had stated he wanted to kill a police officer.

Another senseless tragedy spurred on by our United States President openly stabbing in the back and insulting our country’s law enforcement officers.  Mr. President your behavior is unacceptable.  We will no longer tolerate or excuse your childish and petty behavior which would be unacceptable in kindergarten.  You need to be slapped with a lawsuit for instigating violence toward all law enforcement officers.   Mr. President how dare you insult and disrespect my family!  Who do you think u are?  Innocent people are dying all around you as you misstep your incompetentcy all over the White House.  Perhaps Donald Trump can sanitize the walls of our home that you are desecrating once you leave office.

But until then I will pray to my Christian God that you will not succeed in undermining my country, The United States of America. I will also pray every day for each and every one of my police and national security family to make it home safely.  I thank them for the courage that they show every day of their lives when they put on that heavy burden of defending our freedom.   And I will also pray for you.  Family Matters.  Work for Peace with Respect.  United in Blue We Stand.


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Listen to Sirens In The Streets »

I created this song to try to help feel the reality of the tragedy from a different perspective. I’m sorry it’s not from a professional recording studio but it’s from the heart.

If you liked it, I ask that you mail me $1.00 to the address on this website. This will go towards my production expenses and  a part of profits will be donated locally to help law enforcement families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Thank you for listening and I hope you stay safe today and every day.

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