Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Modern Day Indians on the Risk Game

“Either we have a border or we don’t have a country,” chilling words from entrepreneur turned presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Yet this outspoken unapologetic rhetoric from the newest entrant into the race has a resonance.  Our future and American lifestyle as we know it is at stake.  As more illegal and refugee immigration goes unchecked the demographics of our landscape is changing. Whether it is from illegal Hispanic Catholics walking in at the southwestern states or Islamic Muslims our government with the help of self-serving religious organizations is creeping in under refugee status from Syria and other Middle Eastern cultures (to be resettled in numerous American states) accommodations are being demanded.   How will we adapt? and should we have to?  and how much will be lost of our American rights?

Celebrity and collaborative journalists and politicians set the landscape for political correctness while the calculated changes are pushed in a little at a time so that they go unnoticed by us.

While our borders lie unprotected, our immigration guests are not adequately regulated and soon demand access to undeserved percentages of resources. They ask that we accommodate for their languages and religious political preferences.  Not that all of this is a bad thing since it never hurts to learn a second language or be open to other religions.  However,  the creeping sharia law is a backward step for women, minorities and those who were just granted marital rights by the Supreme Court.   In Washington,  those who are entrusted to be representing all of us living here legally are leaving the national security of our country to the burden of our local law enforcement agencies.   Police who are now being directly targeted under ridiculous scrutiny by a clueless public and media pawns who help perpetuate the ignorance of the masses.  If the borders are a free-for-all then soon the influences which dominate may soon become the minority and we will be strangers in our own stolen land.

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