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Jacksonville’s freelance award-winning photojournalist and freelance photographer Terri Cavoli captures American heroes and a slice of life of law enforcement, the military and celebrities

Life’s experiences are the cornerstone of Terri Cavoli’s business. She captures the raw beauty of highly emotional images with a discerning eye, each image silently speaking a thousand words before being etched in the mind of the viewer forever. Whether she’s photo documenting a fallen policeman’s memorial service, zooming in on Princess Diana’s funeral, walking the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court, depicting tragic crashes on the highway, or racing with the police to a drug bust, her camera seizes the moment. She has been inside a U.S. Vice Presidential motorcade and shadowed a U.S. Congressman to document a “day in the life of…”.  She has also spent time “on the ground” capturing the iconic moments, including a firefighter trying to rescue two children from a burning car and a family grieving over a loved one during a funeral procession at Arlington Cemetery. She has covered many lives in this quarter century of professional photojournalism, some of whom will soon be rediscovered in a new book in which she will share action and quiet photos of the many people she has photographed during her career.

Her clients include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Departments
  • Intelligence Agency
  • Military Communities
  • Private Clients


As she covers a day in the life of world citizens, it’s her “slice of life” images that are her legacy. To Terri, it is about capturing on film the dreams, tears, heartaches and laughter of the citizen world she lives in around the globe. A common language exists in a photograph, and she has spent decades covering events and making those photographs available for publication or for her private clients – this is her niche.

“I know when I photograph some of our police, fire and military personnel,
it may be his or her last moment,
 for those “in the line of duty” it is something that is always on my mind,
as every photograph reminds me of the frailty of life,
especially as it sometimes relates to sacrifice for our freedom and way of life.”

Terri Cavoli

Whether in the United States or on another continent, she has covered tragic events with compassion and heartfelt understanding of special circumstances. Her photos have graced many covers and moved the hearts and minds, as well as they have brought tears and smiles to the viewer – all resulting in her front row seat in the journey of life.